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The Fundamentals of Writing an Academic Paper

Maria Inês Almeida

16/09/20, 13:30



The pressure to publish in English has created the necessity for researchers to develop their English academic writing skills. Yet, such competencies can be harder to attain for some non-native speakers of English whose distinct linguistic and cultural background may have shaped their academic writing style differently from the Anglo-American model. Therefore, this session aims to give an overview of some important features of English academic discourse that researchers need to be aware of when writing their papers.

As a starting point, we are going to take a quick look at some of the specificities of European Portuguese academic writing, contrasting them with the English model. Throughout the session, we will go through the process of writing an academic paper – from pre-writing to revision – and various aspects of each stage are going to be addressed such as writing a thesis, devising a plan, developing a paragraph, quoting or writing a good introduction and conclusion.


academic writing, English, Portuguese

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