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10 Simple Rules for Designing an Academic Poster

Sydelle de Souza

26/08/20, 13:30



Academic posters are a common way of communicating one’s research, yet this genre is seen as holding a “second-class” status (Swales, 2004). While there are many resources available for academic writing, most students and researchers struggle to figure out how to put together an academic poster. This session aims to provide a basic introduction to multimodal design by providing a set of guidelines to help researchers get started with their posters. 

The first part of the session will focus on the academic poster a genre, and on the fundamentals of design such as layouts, choosing fonts and colours and organizing content. The second part of the session will play host to a casual discussion with Dr. Zen Faulkes from about how better posters would make for better research.

The overarching goal is to dispel the notion that the academic posters are second-class and help researchers make better posters.

#betterposters #dataisbeautiful 


academic writing, poster session, visual design, genre, linguistics

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