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Rafael Minussi


Rafael is our blends expert. He is an assistant Professor IV at the Department of Letters of UNIFESP (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil). He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Portuguese and Linguistics from the Universidade de São Paulo (2006) as well as a Master's (2008) and a PhD (2012) through the graduate program in Semiotics and General Linguistics from the University of São Paulo. 

Currently, he participates in various research groups such as the CNPq: GREMD (Group of Studies on Distributed Morphology) of USP and InFoLinC ((In) formal investigations in language and cognition) of UNIFESP. He is also a member of the LabLinC (Language and Cognition Laboratory) of the EFLCH of UNIFESP. 

Rafael is mainly interested in distributed morphology, generative theory, natural language syntax, argument structure, nominalizations, compound names, blends, word processing, non-concatenative processes, evaluative morphology and Hebrew. 

While he's not busy teaching at the university or conducting experimental word processing tests, Rafael enjoys playing piano, cooking for friends, going to museums and social networks.

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