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Indaiá de Santana Bassani


Indaiá is also an assistant professor at UNIFESP, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. She holds a B.A. in Portuguese and Linguistics (2002-2006), a master's degree in Portuguese (2006-2007), a master's degree in Linguistics (2007-2009) and a PhD. in the same area (2009-2013) from the University of São Paulo. 

While working on her PhD, she spent a year at the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 as a visiting scholar. Her main academic interests lie in the area of morphology and its interactions with syntax (argument structure), verbal semantics and phonology. She is also interested in word processing and morphology acquisition. 

Indaiá is a member of two research groups: Laboratório de Linguagem e Cognição da Unifesp (LabLinC) and Grupo de Estudos em Morfologia Distribuída da USP (GREMD-USP). She is also part of Abralin's scientific committee for Morphology on the technical side.

Indaiá is always active. When she isn't working on her research, she does pilates, enjoys cooking and loves going on long runs to unwind.

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