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Chiharu Kawakami

B.A. Student | Osaka University

Chiharu is our first collaborator! She studies Portuguese linguistics at Osaka University, Japan at the Faculty of Foreign Studies. She lived in Portugal as an exchange student at FLUL from Oct 2019 to May 2020 and obtained her B2 (CEFR) certificate in Portuguese as a Foreign Language at the ICLP. She also received the Honorary Prize of the Portuguese Consul of Kyoto (3rd place) at the official Portuguese Speech Contest for Japanese students held by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies in 2018. 

For her Bachelor's thesis, she is studying how grammatical genders of loan words from English are determined in the Portuguese language. Chiharu is helping the Word Lab with data collection for a word association task involving L1 Japanese learners of Portuguese. 

When she has time to spare, Chiharu plays tennis, reads and watches videos of cute dogs on YouTube.

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